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Herbal Medicines and Synthetic Drugs

Why is there a war against herbal medicines, such as marijuana?

The main reason is money. Drug companies can't make big profits on herbal medicines, because they aren't patentable. They want people to use only synthetic drugs.

A second reason is that some people consider herbal medicines immoral. Some believe that God cares more about the profits of drug companies than about your health and prosperity. Some believe that God prefers that people suffer or use only expensive synthetic drugs rather than use herbal medicines.

On the other hand, some people consider herbal medicines gifts from God. Some prefer herbal medicines as safer, more effective, more natural, or less expensive than synthetic drugs.

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Initiative, passed by voters in 2008, reduced the war on herbal medicines by our state and local police. But we still must pay taxes to support the federal government war on herbal medicines.

I support the right of drug companies and their supporters to spend their own time and money to discourage herbal medicines.

I oppose wasting taxpayer money to prosecute and imprison people who use herbal medicines.

Send a message that you oppose the war on herbal medicine. Vote Libertarian.