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Opioids and Herbal Medicines

If there is a good way, a bad way, and a very bad way of dealing with a problem, Democrats and Republicans often choose a very bad way. About 100 years ago, they agreed that the way to deal with alcohol abuse was to prohibit alcohol. Prohibition had little effect on consumption of alcohol, but had terrible side effects.

Democrats and Republicans rarely learn from their mistakes. They then started a war on herbal medicines. This likewise didn't work and had terrible side effects, including the opioid problem.

Why is there a war on herbal medicines, such as marijuana? One reason is money. Drug companies can't patent herbal medicines. Therefore, they can't make big profits on them. Another reason is that some people consider herbal medicines immoral. They prefer that people suffer or use synthetic drugs rather than use herbal medicines.

Other people prefer herbal medicines as safer or more effective than opioids or other synthetic drugs. Some consider herbal medicines gifts from God.

I support the right of drug companies and their supporters to spend their own time and money to discourage herbal medicines. I oppose wasting taxpayer money on a war on herbal medicines.

Send a message that you oppose the war on herbal medicines.

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