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Violent Crime and Gun Control Laws

Robbers and rapists love gun control laws, because they don't want you to have a gun to defend yourself.

Police rarely prevent violent crime. They rarely even appear as a violent crime is being committed. The police come after a crime is committed. They write a crime report and sometimes try to find the criminal.

Laws against robbery and rape don't prevent robbery and rape. And gun control laws don't prevent violent criminals from carrying pistols. Laws merely allow punishment later.

Pistols are great equalizers. A 90-pound woman with a pistol is just as strong as a 300-pound professional athlete with a pistol. Indeed, she has an advantage. She is a smaller target.

In Vermont, no one needs a permit to carry a concealed pistol. Vermont doesn't waste people's time and money processing useless paperwork. Only North Dakota has a lower violent crime rate than Vermont.

It's better to have a pistol and not need one, than to need a pistol and not have one.

I support your right to keep and bear arms.